HVAC Headache

It’s been really cold and rainy here all day. The weather on TV says that there is a tropical storm headed for the coast and that the weather system could give us a ton of rain and damp weather over the next week or so. I have also had a headache all day, which I can only attribute to the barometric pressure in our area. Of course, we have no control over our climate control, and so my head just will not stop hurting. Now I’m beginning to wonder if it might be a problem with our indoor air quality and I’m thinking about going outside just to get some fresh air, even if it is cold and rainy and the weather is cooling off more and more! I have tried everything from turning the furnace off and letting the fresh air blow in through the windows to turning the thermostat all the way up and trying to blast my headache away with super-heated air from the HVAC system, but nothing is working. I even took a burning hot shower and followed that with an ice pack to my head, but this headache is a nasty one. I don’t know if the constant heating and cooling changes in the house and outside really have anything to do with it or not, but I certainly do wish that I could get some relief! Having a headache really puts a stop to being able to do anything fun over the weekend. Not to mention the fact that I’m probably wreaking havoc on my heating and cooling system and my energy bills this weekend! I just hope that this headache disappears overnight or I don’t know what I’m going to do.

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