HVAC help

Working as a sales rep for a construction company can be incredibly helpful for myself and my family when it was time to handle a few renovations at our house! See, with me being on the road for half of the month means that I don’t get a whole lot of time to focus on the condition of our home, and sometimes, things slip my mind – occasionally, for weeks, or even months at a time! By then, a minor service has become a major service visit from a repair professional. Such an event happened a few weeks ago, when I came back from being on the road and found that our house was hotter than an oven! It would seem that I forgot to shut the air conditioning system off before leaving earlier that week, and in turn the air conditioning system overworked itself while we were in a major heatwave in our town. I had to not only schedule an appointment for the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C professionals to stop in and do the repairs, despite the fact that I had to work from my home for a few afternoons and miss some major meetings with clients! It was worth it to ensure that our house had excellent air conditioning system once again. When the heating and air conditioning system specialists arrived, they came in all the way – they not only repaired the burned-out components in the air condenser outside, however they performed a check-up for our air conditioning system as well as our oil furnace and fireplace! While they were there, I figured it was worth asking about a smart thermostat, since I would be out of neighborhood often and don’t always remember to turn off my air conditioning system unit before leaving. They strongly recommended that I do it!

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