HVAC in need of an upgrade

My mother passed away a few months ago, plus just a few weeks ago my father followed suit.  Just after a few days of dealing with the pain with my close family plus friends, all of us began the process of dealing with my parents house and estate… The first thing all of us did was find the will and pay all the beneficiaries of my parents’ estate.  The next step was getting their old farmhouse on the market to sell. It was a pretty old plus run down house, but my partner and I both thought that the family would be able to get some minimal money out of it. I called up the local heating as well as air conditioning repair corporation to send out a certified repairman to check out the heating plus cooling unit. I wanted to be at least one hundred percent sure that the cooling system unit was in the right shape to sell… When the heating as well as air conditioning repair guy began to check out the heating plus cooling method however, he had some pretty poor news for us all.  Due to wear plus tear and years of poor upkeep, it was in bad condition. The heating as well as air conditioning techs told my partner and I that all of us wouldn’t be able to put the apartment on the market until we break down and replace the entire unit. This caught us both by surprise plus kind of added insult to injury with our grief. The two of us were just wanting to get this farm house on the market just like my parents wanted plus and then get back to grieving… The tech also suggested that we go the extra step and replace all of the ceiling fans in the house to help boost the look plus value of the old house. I am so overwhelmed I am leaving the rest of the decisions to my partner plus my younger siblings.

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