HVAC in the dorms was horrible

I lived one year in the dorms at school. It was the worst year of my life simply because of the HVAC system. I was on the first floor which should have been great. My room was basically next to the central HVAC system for the dorms. In the summer, the air conditioning was a nightmare. The dorms were three floors and heat rises. The girls on the third floor were constantly complaining about getting no air conditioning. The resident assistant would listen to them and severely lower the thermostat. Us on the first floor just about froze to death all summer because of the intense cooling. All the AC stayed at our floor. In the winter it was almost as bad. The heating system was cranked to the maximum in order to make the whole building warm. The heat with this system hardly rose to the third floor too. Those girls were really cold and my roommate and I were wearing shorts to bed. It was horrible to always be the wrong temperature. The thermostat would just get immediately adjusted anytime I changed it too. It got bad enough that I just avoided sleeping in my dorm. I could not stand the horrible climate control. Moving out of the dorms into a house with my own HVAC equipment was such a good move. I never had to freeze or sweat to death since. Also, the cost of that living was significantly less than the dorms. They must bump up the prices for the heavy use of the HVAC.

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