HVAC is a danger

My child is so anxious to live out on his own. I told him that it would be best to get roommates when he started college. He didn’t want roommates though because he said he needed to be able to focus on his studies without any distractions. I really couldn’t blame him for wanting to be on his own and not have to worry about other people. But of course having roommates is a logical way to save cash even though it could turn out into a stressful situation. So the location he found was a bit of a fixer upper, I thought. When I went with him to have a look I told him that he could do better. I was easily concerned about the Heating & A/C system. I said to him that if his furnace quit in the middle of the Winter season he would be so upset. He said that it was nothing to worry about though, the property owner would take care of everything. I told him that not all property owners were good and would do that. I’ve learned the hard way and some would not bother getting Heating & A/C plan repair. I explained to our child that they should be asking the property owner about the Heating & A/C system; how old it was, how often it got repair, and things like that. He didn’t seem to like anything that I was saying and he didn’t want to ask. All he just wanted to do was move in! The air quality wasn’t so great, so I showed him how to change the air filters. He said that he could tell a difference in the air quality. I told him to continue change out his air filters.

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