HVAC is failing, pulling out all the stops

Have you ever seen a car accident happening in front of you? It’s like time stops and everything moves in slow motion as one vehicle uncontrollably careens towards the other. No matter how hard you will the cars to stop in their tracks to avoid the confrontation, you can’t make the accident stop. That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling lately about my central heating and cooling equipment. For the past year or so it’s been much like a slow motion accident, watching my indoor temperature control devices go down the drain. Everything started with the furnace slowing down last year. We noticed that the heater wasn’t capable of pumping out nearly as much high quality heated air as it used to, and the air flowing from our vents was often quite chilly. Next was the AC unit. It began to lose its grip about 5 months ago, when the cold and dry air it used to pump out seemingly disappeared. Suddenly it was hot and humid indoors, no matter whether the thermostat was running out temperature control settings or not. During all of this time we’ve known that a disaster was approaching, but we’ve been hanging on for dear life and praying that our central heating and cooling system would just make a drastic improvement on its own. Everything has been slowly falling apart, and the proof has been right in front of our noses all along. Now that we’ve dilly dallied and procrastinated having the indoor air temperature control equipment repaired or replaced, we’re poised for imminent catastrophe any time, any day.

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