HVAC is just never right

I live some of the time in the south, and some of the time in the north. Unfortunately, my travels have myself and others in the opposite locales I would appreciate to be at that time. In the Summer, the north is so beautiful. You have just the perfect amount of heat and no humidity. I am trapped in the south for the Summers. I spend the whole time hiding inside with the air conditioning on high. The A/C in the beach house just cannot handle the humidity outside. I usually set my thermostat to 78 degrees. My thermostat has read to be 73 degrees before. The cooling method has been cleaned out and took care of by a Heating and A/C business. Still, the A/C method cannot handle the high heat. I am just uncomfortable the whole time. In the Winter, the south is beautiful though. The high humidity leaves and it is certainly quite pleasant. I could work out in my backyard. I could actually host parties in my grass for once. Nope, I am in the north during this time. Up in the north, the snow comes down in feet and black ice is everywhere. I have to run my heating method the whole day, everyday. I can’t even turn the heating off when I go to work. The reason is that it is usually so cold, the condo would be an ice box by the time I got back. It is possible that my pipes might even freeze solid. The oil furnace is the same as the A/C in the south. It can’t truly handle such serious cold. So again, I am uncomfortable the whole season. I wish I could swap out locations or get better Heating and A/C for my locales.

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