HVAC issues with our pets

Although I never legitimately wanted pets, I ended up with three dogs plus two cats.  I took on 1 of the cats when our brother moved across the country plus couldn’t bring the cat along.  The other cat was a gift from a guy, who I broke up with shortly after. Two of the dogs were strays, plus the second was rescued from a dirty pet store.  While I prefer our pets, they are a tremendous amount of task plus expense. With more than four creatures in our home, I’m always battling aromas plus dander.  I worry about air quality plus the integrity of our gas furnace plus air conditioner system. I guess the impact fur can have on the performance of the heating plus cooling system.  It clogs filters, penetrates the inner now workings plus restricts airflow. If ignored, the buildup of contaminants within the device can lead to greater wear plus tear, longer running times, diminished comfort, plus higher energy costs.  I legitimately don’t want to get stuck paying a high service cost or replacing the Heating plus A/C system because it’s overrun with pet dander. I also don’t want to live in a dirty, aromay home. I asked for advice from a local Heating plus A/C professional, who advised that I invest in a whole-house media air cleaner.  The media air cleaner not only cleans the air that passes through the heating/cooling system several times per hour, but it kills bacteria plus combats aromas. It protects the health, comfort plus cleanliness of the home, while also safeguarding the condition of the heating plus cooling equipment.

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