HVAC machine is the pain

My brother is so smart and I can’t say that at times I haven’t been jealous. He did so well in college recently & received perfect test scores. He decided to go to trade school after high school and not a normal college. I honestly thought that was strange that he would not go to a typical college, but he ended up going for his Heating & Air Conditioning certification which he got within 3 months. I truthfully never heard of anybody going to college for such a short period of time & then starting a successful job right after. It’s crazy too, he made it look so simple I could never do what he does. He told us that I could do anything I put my mind to & he said it would be awesome if I decided to get into the Heating & Air Conditioning industry. I told him Heating & Cooling technology was way over my head and something that I would not enjoy and that I would just stick with what I was good at. It’s truthfully really great having an Heating & Air Conditioning technician in our family now, because we are able to get maintenance through my brother at a discounted rate. Prime example is that last weekend, my brother came out & cleaned our HVAC duct. It was so disgusting and he showed me and my other family members the before & after pictures. It really was a mess. He said now our home will have superior air quality, & I would have to remember to have the HVAC duct cleaned at least every other year. I definitely was going to follow his advice and he legitimately knows what he is talking about.

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