HVAC maintenance plans equate with savings

When you have servicing done to your heating or air conditioning, it doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg.

There are many HVAC companies that offer maintenance and repair plans on a yearly basis.

Many of these plans cover yearly maintenance, minor repairs and a years worth of air filters for the HVAC unit. There are other plans that cover the maintenance and minor repairs, but it will also include service calls throughout the year where you only pay for the parts needed. Other HVAC companies will even offer priority status for their maintenance and repair plan purchasers. With priority status, if you need a repair done and there are other people waiting for repairs, you can request being put at the front of the list, if it is an emergency. May HVAC companies offer their services for a flat fee of less than $200. You can spend much more than this on just the basic cleaning and repairs of a furnace, once a year. It becomes a big savings when having your furnace and your air conditioning unit included in the maintenance plan. IN the long run, instead of ignoring the HVAC system and waiting for it to break down before a HVAC tech is involved, can be costly and even cost you a new HVAC system. By purchasing the agreement, you save money on the inspections and save your HVAC system from early demise. It is ultimately your decision, but I prefer to save money and keep my HVAC system running several years longer.


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