HVAC malfunction before a basketball game is a recipe for disaster!

I love the schools with indoor gyms.

  • Sometimes the weather isn’t accommodating for outside play, and that’s when it’s awesome that we can stay in and still play a round of basketball.

The HVAC system the school has works awesome! Even when you’re sweating, you still feel cool. The school’s air conditioning system worked better than the one I had at home. In my entire years of being in school, my high school had the best HVAC system that always kept us comfortable. Then, a single morning during my junior year, something unfortunate happened. The school’s basketball team was getting ready for a home game when they heard a loud banging noise. That loud bang was the air conditioner component kicking the bucket. No one had any idea what happened to the HVAC unit, and it was 30° outside with no heat in the school. I remember the staff having to hurry up and call out an HVAC professional so they could at least have working air for the basketball game in the gym that evening. I don’t think anyone would have been able to sit in that gym without a working air conditioning unit, regardless of the body heat that would be taking up the space.


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