HVAC Meatballs

Recently I started experimenting with all kinds of recipes. I’ve never really been much of a cook, and I’ve never enjoyed cooking until a few weeks ago when I came across the most amazing recipe for Swedish meatballs ever. As soon as I made them, I knew that they were going to be a game changer. And unlike most of the recipes I tried, I didn’t smoke up the kitchen and ruin the indoor air quality of our house for the next two days! Nope, the indoor air quality in the kitchen stayed just perfect, and I think that’s due in part to the awesome air purification system that my husband had installed last year. I think he ended up calling the HVAC contractors to come and install the air purification system because of my knack for burning things in the kitchen. But for whatever reason, these Swedish meatballs don’t even cause me to smell up the entire house. They are super simple to make and super delicious. The only problem I’ve found with them so far is the fact that I want to make them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and that means that I have the oven and the stove on all the time. Therefore, the temperature in the kitchen goes up exponentially, and I have to end up turning the thermostat way down and running the air conditioner way more than usual! I dread seeing the air conditioning bills for this month, especially with the air purification system energy costs worked in. At least we will have some delicious meatballs to help with the pain that the expenses inflict on us!

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