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My son is always trying to make a fast buck. He doesn’t understand that hard work and perseverance are necessary, in order to achieve maximum success. He is 25 years old, and can’t seem to keep a full time job. I think he learned a valuable lesson last weekend. We had to update our HVAC system, including our heat pump and air conditioner. When the old HVAC system was removed, my son saw a lot of copper inside. My son asked if he could keep the old HVAC unit. He wanted to tear it apart, and take it to the metal recycling plant. I thought it seemed like a lot of work, for a small amount of money. The HVAC company told my son that he could probably make 50 or $60, by taking all of the equipment to the metal recycling center. My son spent more than 6 hours taking the entire HVAC unit apart. He was covered in sweat and pretty upset with the entire process. We used my truck to haul all of the parts to the recycling plant. By the time we dropped everything off, the total amount of money was equal to $22. All that work, and it didn’t even cover our gas. I hope my son earned a valuable lesson about hard work. He worked for 8 hours, and only managed to make a little more than $20 for his time. The HVAC company knew exactly what they were doing, when they left it behind. I’m sure they were happy to be rid of the large and heavy problem.

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