HVAC people next door

In the area that I live in, the walls from space to space are paper thin, when I tell all of my friends this, most of them are certain I am exaggerating a good bit. I can assure you,  it truly is really that loud, each afternoon when I get home from work I can hear the people next door watching TV while in their family room because they are very thin. This has been extra annoying the last few months when my neighbors decided to install a different heating and cooling device of some sort. They had it installed  and it is truly, truly loud. Every moment that it switches itself on automatically, it feels as if it is right beside me! I can not even estimate how many occurrences there are where I have been woken up while I was asleep, due to the thin walls and that old machine with it’s loud noises! I have been wanting to go next door and yell at them about the problem I am having for days now, however I don’t know when I should do that and if it will result in much change. After all there is probably nothing they are going to do. I’m fairly positive that they can’t just bring that loud outdated thing back to the Heating and A/C company they obtained it at. I know that I have 2 chances at peace in this situation. The first and easiest thing I can do is to mute everything out with headphones while I’m home and deal with the frustrating heating and cooling sounds, or relocate to a new home. Really I have never been a lover of residing in this condo since I moved here, so it could be nice that this loud heating and cooling device has been installed, it will get me to look for find a new place to sleep peacefully.

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