HVAC problem series

I work for a busy HVAC contractor company. We are always busy with HVAC installation jobs. Usually, my co-workers and I will work on a job site for months at a time. We usually install HVAC systems in large commercial buildings and high rise apartments. During our time away from home, my fellow employees and I are put up in a hotel or rental house. Since the HVAC installation company pays for our accommodations, we are stuck with two people in each hotel room, or six people in every rental house. We have complained about the accommodations on many different job sites, but our company always gives us the same response. We aren’t there to have fun and party. We are there to complete an HVAC installation job. The last time my co-workers and I left town, we were stuck in the mountains for three months. We were installing HVAC equipment in a hospital building. This hospital was the first one in town. The next closest emergency room, was 38 minutes away in a different city. Everyone in town treated us kindly, and we received many different perks. My co-workers and I had a really nice hotel room. We had a stunning view of the valley, from our fourth floor room. They didn’t provide room service, but we always had coffee and pastries sitting outside our door in the morning. They really appreciated all of the people who were their to help erect the new hospital building. I wish everyone felt that way, when they saw a construction crew move into town.

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