HVAC provider looked over the compressor

We are now in mid-October, but we need to prepare for a Cat 4 hurricane.  Storms of this size don’t often come ashore this late in the year, but it does happen.  We tend to forget that hurricane season lasts from late May until into November. We are now expecting landfall to happen about forty miles from where we live.  We have already been told that we needed to evacuate from our area. My husband and I are loathe to leave our home. There are some huge trees outside of our home.  Even just a windstorm could possibly knock them down, and now we had to worry about a hurricane doing the job. We fear that one of these days, one of them is going to land right on top of our home.  The last time we had a hurricane go through our area, we had one tree become uprooted. It ended up smashing into our air conditioning compressor, and it was nearly ripped in half. Because of the storm, we went for nearly two weeks before we got our power back.  Once the power came on, we were able to call the HVAC company. We were told it would take a couple days till someone could get to us. In the meantime, we called our insurance company, hoping that our insurance pay for a new air conditioning compressor, but they said it wasn’t covered under our insurance.  Now we need to buy the AC compressor, and living in the south, we know we will need to have a new air conditioner compressor.

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