HVAC repair tech

For years now, I have watched my neighbor bring home all types of animals to keep as pets. He started off with dogs and cats like everyone else. The first dog lasted a few years before it was hit by a truck. And the cat would come and go as it pleased, before never returning again one day. After that, my neighbor began bringing home raccoons and opossums. He would show them off to us on the block. We never really thought too much of it and simply shrugged his liking for keeping unusual animals as something temporary. But it didn’t stop there. He began trapping neighborhood squirrels and even rats in a cage in his backyard. I never went inside his home, as I can only imagine what it must have looked and smelled like. One day, I noticed an HVAC tech truck parked in front of his house. I saw the HVAC repairman installing a new A/C unit outside. I went over and asked the tech if he had any free time to look at my ductwork before he left, as I was interested in updating my unit, too. He did and we made an appointment for the following week. That night, I awoke to screaming from people on the street. When I opened the curtains, I saw my neighbor’s house ablaze. The firetrucks and ambulances were parked outside, spraying the home with hydrant water. Animals scurried everywhere. And they took my neighbor away on a stretcher. I found out later that my neighbor was fine. And the cause for the fire was that one of his pet squirrels made its way inside of the new HVAC unit outside and nibbled at the wires, causing it to catch fire.

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