HVAC ruining our world

Whether or not you are aware of the effects of global warming, or realize our daily impact on the environment, the weather conditions are changing, both naturally and by human hands. It’s been having quite the effect on weather patterns. An increased number of natural disasters and a higher level of severity, as well as more intense seasonal temperatures,  the effects are clear everywhere you look! A major factor is often overlooked. The modern convenience of heating and cooling technologies are not always environmentally friendly. Heating, Ventilation, and A/C systems, whether gas furnaces or air conditioners, can have a negative impact on the environment. When people want to control weather conditions everywhere they go, not considering how it might end up harming the environment, there’s a problem. Air conditioning and heating utilize a lot of energy, which is often derived from harmful methods such as the burning of fossil fuels.  In some examples, heating and cooling are necessary for not only comfort, but survival. Severe temperatures can put the body at risk of hyperthermia or overheating. In these cases, there are methods which limit the impact on the world, Researching energy saving tips is a good idea. Upgrading to a more efficient Heating, and A/C system can help. Contact your local HVAC contractor to see if they offer less harmful alternatives to fossil fuels such as geothermal HVAC. Help make the world a better place. Preserve our natural resources for generations to come. Take advantage of Energy Star rated heating and cooling equipment.

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