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My best friend Mary and I have been enjoying her parents dog while they are gone on holiday. They are going for a more than two week long cruise, so this is not a short term visit by a long haul. I have never been much of a dog lady to be honest. Also, I am somewhat allergic to them. Whenever there is a dog or an animal around myself and others for a few days, I will begin to get a hack and sniff that is super frustrating. They are great people though, so I thought that I would take 1 for the team, then within the first few days of enjoying them, everything was going great. After the first few days however I noticed that the air conditioner was running honestly bad. I had the air conditioning device on almost full power, but the cool air that it was pushing out was real weak. After a few more afternoons, the air flow from the air conditioner ceased working. I was so upset, because it was right dab in the middle of the summer. I called 1 of the Heating and Air Conditioning repair service companies in the area and had them come take a look. I didn’t have many other possible options! As soon as the serviceman arrived, she knew exactly what the concern was. It turns out that the dogs fur it was shedding was clogging the cooling air vents. There was almost more than 2 pounds of fur in the air conditioning unit!

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