HVAC service facts to know

When my husband, Raffi and I moved down south, I was a bit upset that the house was equipped with an electric heat pump.  While heat pumps supply both heating plus cooling capacity, they are only effective until the outside temperature drops below freezing.  The heat pump doesn’t burn fuel to generate heat, it simply moves heat energy from 1 location to another. It works legitimately well for air conditioner, effectively handling humidity and operating efficiently.  For heating, the heat pump finds ambient warmth in outside air, compresses it to a higher temperature plus brings it inside. This process is clean, safe and quiet, however insufficient in severely cold weather. The real estate agent assured Raffi and I that the outside temperature in our space would never get that cold.  The first year we lived in the house, the space experienced an unprecedented cold snap. The temperature dropped below zero, and our house was uncomfortably cold. We raised the control unit setting, and the heat pump ran non stop. It simply couldn’t supply reasonable heat to meet demand. Raffi and I abruptly discovered that every store had sold out of space heaters.  We were fortunate to have a heated blanket on the bed. We ended up buying a bunch of jackets plus blankets, bundling up to keep warm. After that unpleasant experience, I hired a local Heating and Air Conditioning business to install an additional furnace. We ended up purchasing a propane heater, which was rather expensive, plus we’ve never needed it. Since that first Winter, the weather has remained well above too cold and the heat pump has been reasonable.

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