HVAC service never costs much

My electric bill was extra expensive last week. For the last many weeks! I was not sure why it was happening love this, plus then a friend of mine had me look into a few different things. It discovered later that the reason our electric bill was so high was because our central heating plus a/c was finally working overtime due to some clogged air ducts! When the two of us figured this out, I quickly got in contact with the local HVAC company for them to come out plus provide me a full on air duct cleaning, the air duct had been plugged up for quite some time, plus it needed to be cleared out. This was going to be a very expensive work because of how plugged that air duct had really been plus how long it was since I had a nice air duct and air duct cleaning. I am so lucky our central heating as well as a/c did not blow up! The one thing I am more than simply grateful for is our pal filling me in on what could have been going on. If I had waited much longer for the heating plus the air conditioning to get the air duct cleaned, I would not have been as happy as I am right now. Paying for the air duct to get cleaned was a lot more smooth and simple than having to spend money for a whole brand new, actually lavish, current plus actually top of the line heating plus a/c as those are the only way to go these days if upgrading your central HVAC system.