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I’d like to say that I’m a honestly generous person. Some people may disagree but I sort of pride myself in my generosity. Granted, this may make me sound like a jerk or someone driven by ego, but I’ve done well for myself and I want to help those around me. One particular instance that emphasizes my generosity was helping out a buddy in need recently. He was having trouble keeping his bills paid, so I was eager to help out in any way I could. He told me about how he was having trouble with his heater, which had recently gone out on him and left him freezing cold at night. He was unable to pay for a heating and air conditioning company to maintenance his system, so he was in a real bind! I wanted to offer him a place to stay, but he relied on public transportation to get to his job, so that wasn’t an option. Instead, I offered to pay for his heating maintenance. He was so blown away by my generosity that he fought back tears, and he humbly and happily accepted my offer. One month later and my friend is comfortable living inside of his home again, with heating that keeps him nice and warm throughout these cold Winter days. I’m honestly satisfied and glad to give back to the people that have given much to me. I’m thankful to be in the position that I’m in, or I might find myself waiting for the kindness of a friend.

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