HVAC service

Sometimes the weather can be downright cold. Our area is constantly covered in snow and ice. It’s important to be prepared for the winter season. That means making sure the house is prepared for cold weather and snow. Each year in September, my wife and I spend a whole week getting our house winterized. This includes repairing all of the worn caulk, and repairing any drafty windows. During this time, we also clean the air vents and air ducts. Taking good care of our HVAC unit, means having an indoor environment that is free of contaminants and dust. My wife and I schedule our winter service appointment for the HVAC unit. The local heating system technician usually performs an exhaustive examination of our HVAC unit. They check the mechanical parts of the system like the motor, the belts, and the coils. They also check our electrical components for loose connections or frayed wires. At this time, the heating technician checks our air vents to make sure they are all securely tightly. The whole winter service appointment takes about 45 minutes to complete. It doesn’t cost very much money either, so we can afford the preventative maintenance. With the HVAC unit serviced and the furnace ready for the winter, my wife and I can concentrate on other problems. This year, we are trying to find the latest electronic craze for Christmas. Both of our kids want the same video gaming system, which is only available in select stores across the state. It’s going to take weeks to track down the right console, and have it shipped to the house.

HVAC repair