HVAC suffers in a bad storm

There’s nothing more infuriating than an unreliable partner. Whether it’s for work, college, or even a personal relationship, the level of frustration I feel when dealing with a flaky person is unreal! This goes all the way back to grade school when one of my first projects was a huge failure. My partner was this kid named Emily, who insisted that she knew what to do and wanted to handle all the research for our little calculus project. She wound up “getting sick” and missing many days of class, and I didn’t know until the afternoon the project was due! Oh, ten year-old me was steamed. Even now, I deal with that lack of communication when I’m handling real, important situations in the office! Just recently, our building’s HVAC system suffered some wind damage after a bad storm. The equipment that controls the air conditioning for our particular office suite was hit the hardest, and had to be replaced with a brand new A/C compressor unit! So, I had to call our HVAC  repair firm, and tell them about what we needed. “Consider it done”, the corporation rep said – which I now know was their way of saying that it’s done and over with! The HVAC specialist they sent to our office kept forgetting tools, and having to leave the jobsite to grab them from the new home office- which was forty minutes away! It took this specialist over more than two weeks to finish the replacement of the new unit. When they quoted us for a three-day upgrade! I couldn’t know the incompetence of this bumbling HVAC corporation, and made it clear to their corporation representative that we better see a different employee for the next visit!

HVAC worker