HVAC system is vacuuming my floors

My friend has a corgi dog and those dogs shed a lot of fur.

I was visiting him the other day and he said he wished someone would invent a self-vacuuming floor.

He wasn’t talking about a robot vacuum. He already has one of those. He seemed to think there should be flooring that is made of fine mesh and that it has a suction every hour or so to pull the fur, dirt, and debris out. That sounds like a wonderful idea if it worked well. What I didn’t mention is that my floor already kind of does this. You see, my HVAC ductwork is under the floor in my house. For about 2 seconds, just before the heater or air conditioner kicks on, there is a reverse suction at the vents. So dirt and junk get pulled into my ductwork system. I know for a fact that this is not normal. Unlike the vacuum flooring idea, this HVAC thing is a malfunction. I don’t imagine that pulling dirt and stuff into my HVAC system is helping my HVAC system out any either. I really should call up my HVAC provider and ask them to come out and take a look at my heating and cooling to find out why it has a reverse suction just before kicking on. I should probably have then do a good ductwork cleaning while they are here too. Once my HVAC system is working like it should, then we can start planning our self vacuuming floors. I really like the idea and I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

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