HVAC system saved our Open House

Trying to ensure that your home is ready for sale is a stressful event.  As I sat looking around the day before open house I was amazed at the difference in our home after just a few short months of cleaning, minor repairs, and decluttering. I almost wanted to stay there at that point because it looks so nice. However, my husband and I had made the decision to downsize since the children had moved out and have families of their own, we no longer needed a large four bedroom house for just the two of us. We would certainly be leaving behind a lifetime of memories but we were both ready for a new adventure and the ability to travel. It was the middle of September so I made sure to light some pumpkin spice candles and add a fall wreath to the door before the open house. When we planned the event we never could have imagined that we would have a heatwave blow through and the house would be 85 degrees when we arrived at morning. We arrived just an hour before the prospective buyers were to show up and I was never so thankful to have a powerful HVAC system in my life. I cranked the air conditioner and within that hour the temperature in the house had dropped to a cool 72 degrees.  We received several offers on the first day and I really think it was thanks to are cooling system because many of the people touring the house instantly commented on how comfortable it was when they walked in. I am very sure that the new homeowners will be happy with the system for years to come because it’s only a few years old.