HVAC that is controlled by a remote

My kids seem to lose everything they touch. Their socks, their ipods, their cash, their charger cords, their toys, their shoes, everything! It drives myself and others so crazy! And of course, they are always asking myself and others where everything is as well as asking myself and others to help them find their stuff. As if I don’t have anything else to do! The latest thing that they’ve started losing are remote controls. They lost the remote to the cable in the dining room as well as they lost the remote to their remote control car. But worse than that, they lost the remote to the little window component air conditioning component that their Mom installed in their upstairs kitchen! It’s a tiny little remote control, however it’s the only way to turn the window component air conditioner off as well as on. It’s also the only way that you can adjust the temperature control on the air conditioning unit, too! So now, since both of us can’t find the air conditioning remote, both of us have to turn the window component air conditioner off as well as on by plugging it into the wall as well as then unplugging it when the temperature upstairs in their kitchen gets too cold! It’s the silliest thing. I remember thinking that both of us didn’t need a remote control for the air conditioning component when both of us first obtained it for the upstairs, however now that it’s missing, I entirely wish that both of us could find it. It’s a big pain to have to guess what the temperature is as well as to have to try as well as adjust the thermostat without having the remote control for the air conditioner.

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