HVAC the is updating

As a kid, I always remember mom worrying about robots taking over the world.  She said they would put people out of jobs and everyone but those who understood robots, would be starving.  Now, I’m beginning to see that she may have been right. Robots are able to do just about anything. They still need someone to provide them the information.  They need to have hands-on assistance, such as in surgery. Robots are able to do the most intricate of medical surgery, without doing as much damage to the body.  There is less risk of human error, and the recovery time has been minimalized. We are seeing the same thing happening in the HVAC business. Robotics are taking over the factories that produce the heating, ventilation and air conditioning units.  The cost of bringing in the robotics and setting up the machinery is higher, but there are fewer mistakes and they don’t have to pay steady incomes to the humans they once used. Therefore, the work is done more quickly and there is more product being produced.  The downside of this is that there are fewer jobs to be had. The upside is that, because of fewer people and more production, the cost of HVAC equipment is coming down. What once cost a thousand dollars is now only costing several hundred dollars. This makes a big difference in the pocket.  I guess that is good, but then I have to think of the lost jobs and maybe we need to have fewer dollars coming out of our pockets.

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