HVAC unit for the rest of the pregnancy

I have learned that I am not a fan of being pregnant. I think people are crazy who like pregnancy. I was all ready to go through this most amazing experience, when to my surprise, I hated it. My pregnancy was nothing like the books claimed, and it was nothing like those who constantly share about how blissful it is. I was overheated 99.9% of the time. I never knew if I was going to be hot or cold and the cycle never ended from day to night. To top it off, we had no form of air conditioning installed in our home.  Our temperatures are normally pretty mellow so I guess we never really saw a need for it. We never really gave serious thought to our heating and cooling needs. But, then my pregnancy changed that. I thought I was going to die of heat exhaustion on many occasions. But, then my amazing husband came home from work one day with workman by his side. He said that he rented an HVAC unit for the rest of the pregnancy. I was ecstatic! First, I didn’t even know that you could rent an a/c! I wanted to thank the brilliant mind that came up with this system because it was a game changer for sure. The installation was quite easy. And, within an hour, I was in a/c heaven. I was still not thrilled about the pregnancy, but at least I would be comfortable until he or she came out! I am beginning to wonder if we should look into purchasing our own Air Conditioning unit. After all, if my body did this for one pregnancy, who is to say what will happen once the baby comes out! And what if the baby is temperature sensitive too?

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