HVAC update to the office

I guess this woman named Dana who is consistently complaining, however she tells myself and others often that her wifey ignores everything as well as that she doesn’t enjoy that much anymore, as well as at first I felt sorry for all of them, but truthfully, the more I get to guess him, the more I see why she might manage to get on her nerves! She’s consistently got something to gripe about as well as I’m the super lucky lady who has to sit right next to her at work, when all of us continually work the same minutes, I have to listen to her complain about her parents, her sister, her wifey, her teenagers, as well as her car. Then I still have to listen to her complain about our boss as well as her workload, as well as her paycheck each week. But I know the thing that gets on my nerves most of all of it, is when Dave starts complaining about the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C plan which is located in our office, then it’s not enjoy I am in a position to do even anything about the heating or cooling in our office, so I just don’t understand the point why she consistently has to whine to myself and others about the heating as well as the whole air conditioning system! Or the reason she feels that it’s necessary to always update myself and others on the air quality of the building, the up-to-date indoor air temperature versus the outdoor hot as well as cold temperatures, or what exactly the temperature control is currently set to. I would rather stay in there all day than to listen to Dana gripe one more day about the gas furnace or the air conditioning system unit!

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