HVAC was updated

I saw a news article on cable the other day.  This man went south for a couple of months time to escape the chilly weather.  When he got back to his residence in the Springtime, he found someone else was living in his residence.  There was a man plus his two adolescents, now living in the residence. He questioned why they were there, or better, how they got in.  The man informed he had bought the residence, plus showed him the bill of sale plus the deed. The older gentleman was really shocked. He told him he had never put the residence up for sale.  The two of them worked together to figure out how this could have happened. In the meantime, the older gentleman had nowhere to live. The younger man said that he could stay plus even told him he could have his old room back.  All of the man’s items were still where they had been when he left for the Winter season. The younger man said that the only thing he had changed in the residence, was to add a modern HVAC machine. He had updated the gas furnace plus installed a central a/c machine.  He had removed all of the window air conditioning machines. The true kicker of the story was that after many weeks, the old man had become a regular member of the family. The adolescents had begun to look at him something like a Grandpa. The younger kept ownership of the residence plus the older man had a locale to live with modern heating plus a/c.  He hadn’t returned to the South, since the younger man owned the residence.

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