I have never believed in gambling. I think it fosters greed and a quick money mentally which can lead to all sorts of negative behaviours. So I have always told my kids not to gamble.  But when children become adults, they don’t take kindly to your dictating their every move. The day my oldest turned eighteen, he went and got himself a tattoo. Happily, it was not at a spot visible to all. I knew he was secretly gambling but when he came home one night declaring he had won $20,000, I was dumbstruck.

               For a while now, we had been contemplating changing our old HVAC system. Still, when the boy asked me what I wanted him to buy me, I never mentioned that or anything else.. How could I be knocking gambling and benefiting from its proceeds? Then I heard from his sister that he had gone down to our the HVAC supplier store. I didn’t know what to say. Just imagine my confusion when my son told me he had purchased the finest in HVAC units, to be installed the following day. Deep in my heart I was very happy that we could now enjoy the luxury of great air conditioning. But how could I admit that without encouraging my child to continue gambling?

           After the new HVAC unit was installed, I was enjoying the fresh air quality immensely, though I also felt guilty. But when my son told me he would be using the remainder of his winnings, to pay for HVAC classes at a trade school, I could not contain my happiness. At least he wasn’t planning to become a full time gambler.