HVAC worker in audience save the play

I went with my sister to a local theater to watch a play. I love supporting the local artists. Besides, you get much closer to the stage with these small productions than you do with the bigger ones. The costumes are always amazing and you just know that a local seamstress made them. It is just a great experience every time. Every Time except for the last time, that is. Last time my sister and I went, the theater was having a problem with their air conditioner and it was boiling hot inside. Still, we took our seats and waited for the play to begin. We were hoping that they would get the issue resolved. Yet, the first act started and it only became hotter inside. I heard the couple next to us arguing. I couldn’t tell what about but thought it was rude. Then the man got up and left the woman there. Several minutes passed and we finally felt the cool chill of a working air conditioner. It was about time too because my sister and I were getting uncomfortable and it was clear that the cast was too. Then, to my surprise, the man who had left earlier returned. During interim, I found out that he was an HVAC technician and he had gone and fixed the air conditioner. His wife joked that even when they were on a date together, he just couldn’t help but fix things. I was happy that he had. The remainder of the play was much more enjoyable with good working air conditioning.

HVAC repair