HVAC zone control allowed me to get along better with my roommates

It was crazy when I was in college and had roommates.

The people I was with and I certainly had a smart control machine and we all had access to the temperature control with our smartphones.

This was a blessing and an issue at the same time. It was wonderful because when nobody was home, we could make sure that the HVAC system was not operating and running up the energy bills. The bad part was that we would always be fighting over the temperature control settings when we were home. I would have roommates who would have guests over and I might want some extra air conditioner while trying to sleep, and they would get mad because they would suppose it was too cold in the house. Eventually, we all decided that we had to do something about this issue with the temperature control settings. The people I was with and I ended up reaching out to a local HVAC corporation and we decided to have HVAC zone control installed into the household, with the house being broken up into different zones, we all were able to adjust the temperature control settings for the zone we happened to be in. This was a wonderful solution because we no longer had to fight over the temperature control settings. The people I was with and I could have them adjusted to whatever we wanted without affecting the other parts of the house. This certainly made it so we all got along better towards the end of our college experience. The people I was with and I all certainly became wonderful friends and we still keep in touch to this afternoon. The people I was with and I even get-together once per year just to hang out and catch up on things.
Air conditioning worker