HVAC zone control system

Fitness is severely important to me, plus I make sure to workout every day.  The weather in our area, but, doesn’t usually allow myself and others to exercise outside.  Between the rain, snow, humidity plus temperature extremes, I need a dedicated workout area in the house.  I cleared out the guest bedroom, added floor mats plus invested in quite a bit of equipment. I have a weight bench, free weights, treadmill plus an elliptical which help to keep myself and others in shape.  It is helpful having a zoned heating plus cooling method installed in the house. The zoned method includes valves within the ductwork which allow myself and others to target heated or cooled air to particular  rooms. There is an independent temperature control in each room that provides customized temperature settings. I’m able to keep the workout area much cooler than the rest of the house. I’m also able to more aggressively circulate plus filter the air to remove unpleasant stinks.  Because the temperature controls feature wireless connectivity, I can adjust the operation of the oil furnace plus air conditioner through our smartphone. Despite spending quite a bit of money on a wonderfully comfortable workout space, I thought it would be a nice change to go for a run outside.  I discovered that it is nearly impossible to dress appropriately for the weather. I ended up far too warm, plus drenched with sweat. Plus, I got chased by a nasty pet, stepped in a pothole plus was dehydrated the entire time. I was not happy inhaling exhaust fumes plus pollen. I missed the ability to regulate temperature, have a drink of water, plus breathe clean, filtered air.  

zone control