I am considering all options

Having allergies can be a terrible experience. Every since Beverly was a child, she has had the most severe allergies that I have ever seen. As a mother, I don’t want my children to suffer, and if I can’t help them, it breaks my heart. Beverly’s allergies is one of those things that I just couldn’t seem to figure out how to fix. I have been to four different doctors about it, and none of them did anything except prescribe her medication that could only lessen the symptoms. I did give her the medicines just to help ease her suffering, but they were largely useful. After much research, I found a doctor who knew just what we needed to do, and he gave me many tips as well as some ideas as to what might be the source of Beverly’s allergies. One thing that he told me to do asap was to purchase at least one air purifier for the house. After leaving his office, I went straight to the store and bought two air purifiers. I put one in her bedroom, and one in the living room, which was in the middle of our home. Within just one week, her allergies genuinely began to clear up. She had more energy, her sinuses weren’t as stuffy, and she wasn’t coughing as much. We continued to use those air purifiers 24/7, and after another three weeks, her cough was practically gone, and she had more energy and joy than she had ever had before. I am so thankful for the life-changing advice that doctor gave, because thanks to the air purifiers, my little girl is so happy.

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