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Several months ago, my spouse and I decided to upgrade our furnace. The two of us have been residing in the same house for many years now, and we have put so much time, energy, and money into making ourselves the perfect home. We both have fallen in love with our home over the years. We quite literally made it our own over the years. When the two of us first moved in, we worked on the essential upgrades like replacing windows, fixing broken floorboards, plus insulating the basement. After that, we moved towards fixing cosmetic things like repainting and tiling the bathrooms, and redecorating the main living space. Most recently, we decided it was time for an HVAC upgrade. Our outdated heating device worked pretty well, but it was nothing spectacular. We still had our moments of being too cold plus outrageous heating bills. We wanted something much more efficient. We decided to replace the old system with a smart thermostat. This required a major investment financially, but it was well worth it, and it allowed us to control the temperature of our place from an application on our iPhones when we’re connected to Wi-Fi. No matter where either of us are, we can control the temperature of our home. It immediately was much more efficient. We can even do this while sitting at work. There is never any wasted heat in our home. We turn down our heating system when we leave and then turn it up on our way back home. This has been such an attractive upgrade, it is luxurious compared to our previous furnace! It saves us tons of money too because the two of us aren’t carelessly running any heating or cooling when we don’t need to!

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