I am freezing now

I am a product of our times, in that I never go someplace without a phone in my pocket… The smartphone is the umbilical cord that keeps myself and others tethered to society, plus it keeps all of us informed with what is going on the world. When I don’t have the phone in my line of sight, its like I’m utterly naked; I’m sure most of you guys would agree. Despite this, I have been given a new perspective on things. Now I understand that “being connected” isn’t nearly as important as I believed. I came up to our Grandma’s old cabin to stay for a weekend; now I am trapped, snowed in, with no heater. All our phone cans do is let us reach out plus tell the rest of our family how cold we are. Our phones can’t fix the heater, the phone can’t warm myself and Grandma up–right now these devices can’t do much at all. My first call was to a local furnace and AC company. Of course, however he told Grandma and I that the roads up the hill were still unsafe so there was nothing he could do. I swear to you I would give up my brand new phone for the rest of my days if I could just have a working gas boiler right now. Then since that is not an option, I used our phones to look up alternate means of heating ourselves up. Then one of the suggestions was to use the stove as a heating source, plus leave the door to the oven open. That would have worked, except for the heating element in the thing is totally shot!