I am glad things went well

I bought my first home a little less than three year ago. I’ve faced a lot of ‘firsts’ time experiences since then.  The first time a system broke down, the first time the pilot wouldn’t light or the toilet wouldn’t flush and those types of things. The household upkeep took some getting used to, and then still something will take me by surprise. When the air conditioner  stopped operating, without any warning, I wasn’t prepared. I didn’t have a clue how much HVAC related repairs can cost, and the cost of repairs added up quickly. I wound up replacing the entire cooling system. I had to rush to get the money together so that I could pay for the repair. On the bright side, the new cooling system is just wonderful.   It was worth the money I spent on it. It’s much more energy efficient than the older model, and it provides way better cooling. I can control seperate zones in the condo with independent thermostats. It has made my life far more convenient, improved comfort, and I save money. I’m not forced to cool a bunch of empty rooms all day long. I’m so happy with it, but it was a lot of time and money to get the new air conditioner installed. I now know  how to deal with HVAC issues without going into a panic. I also have made a contact with a trustworthy HVAC company. I enrolled in a maintenance plan with them which includes annual service and priority service.

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