I am handling the heat

It took me and my sister three years to save up enough money for a downpayment on an older, commercial building on Broadway.  While the building was rather old, it offered a brick exterior, substantial natural light through huge windows, plenty of parking and a good location.  My goal was to open a root beer shop and bakery, where people would love spending a few hours hanging out, using their laptops or simply enjoying time with friends.  Along with the cost of the building, I invested a tremendous amount of money in renovations, wi-fi and furnishings. My grand opening was on the calendar for the first weekend in December, and I had everything ready.  The day before, the weather suddenly dropped into the mid thirty with snow fall. Up until that point, I’d simply closed the windows and doors and kept the store warm. With all of the construction dust floating around, I had not even considered starting up the gas furnace.  Unfortunately, when I finally turned the thermostat up and expected the heating system to kick in, nothing happened. I hoped this was just an issue with batteries in the thermostat or the Heating and Air Conditioning air filter, however none of initial our efforts made any difference.  I finally contacted a local Heating and Air Conditioning professional and I was in a panic. Now, I couldn’t open our root beer shop without a finally working heating system since it had begun to snow. I begged and pleaded for immediate service, and the Heating and Air Conditioning worker agreed to come straight over.  I offered him a lifetime supply of free root beer if he could get the a/c running within the next thirty minutes. I was lucky that the problem was simply caused by a lack of regular service. An accumulation of contaminants, including the construction debris, was blocking airflow.

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