I am hoping the firm understands

A few months ago, I liked the watch television show about called Law and Order. The fictional team was huge, so I’m sure a real legal firm would not be that huge. They had a staff from defense attorneys that dealt with divorces, some that did real estate law and others that did wills, estate planning, and there were a few civil litigation people.  I mean, after all, the Law and Order show was an ensemble cast, well-written and very cool, so they would speak of every sort of law. But, of all the legal twists on the television show, the storylines that I best think about was about the ongoing contractor and corporate law stories. This fictional legal team was at the time discussing strategy about some substantial monopoly, and since this contractor law firm was so successful, they had a big deal many contractor and corporate law buyers shown every week.  The problem was that corporate legal team would always be exposing some type of cover-up, usually conducted by their own business or own law client, however, they would usually end up on top, at least by the end of the show or season if it was a big time case. Of course, it was Law and Order, but the storylines were taken right out of real situations that happened to people in the city. One of the storylines was about the real estate law side of the firm, and their talks to keep a newly planned, large real estate development from moving away from the drawing board in a “cash grab.”

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