I am hoping to be ready by then

My Wife Alicia is obsessed with hockey.  She can never seem to get enough of it. For Alicia’s sake, our family turns into the biggest set of hockey fans when the season starts. When there is an away game, Alicia and I invite a bunch of friends and family over to watch with us. It always turns into a small party for away games. Every time the game is played at home, the kids, Alicia, and I are there all dressed in our jerseys and ready to watch the game. Alicia and I have held season passes for a little over seven years. I never even liked hockey before I met Alicia. I just started to love the sport for her sake. Our first date was to a hockey game. From that point, I knew I had to love hockey or end my relationship with Alicia. Now, though, I genuinely love the sport separate from Alicia’s influence. The sport is very fast-paced and it keeps you captured right until the timer hits zero. I only wish I could change the arena’s temperature. Since hockey is an ice sport, the arena needs to be kept nice and cold in order to keep the ice at proper skating conditions. While I know it’s a necessary evil, I can’t stand how cold it makes the seats around the rink. Every game I wind up shivering to the point where it feels like I’m thawing when we leave the arena. Our kids hate the cold as well, and openly complain about it. I always make a point to ensure that everyone is dressed warmly before we leave, but it’s hard to remember such things in the middle of summer. With each hockey season, I have gotten much better at remembering to dress everyone warmly. However, I still like away games so much better because we’re watching them from the comfort of our own home and I can control the temperature. But still, I push through home games for Alicia.

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