I am not sure what’s happening here

I grew up in the southern corner of the country, & if you’ve never been down south in the summertime, then you don’t think what it’s honestly like to be sizzling & hot. It isn’t just the heat down there that’s bad; it’s the humidity! Occasionally you think you are literally living in a swamp, as a true southerner, I think just how important having a  working a/c systems is. That’s why, when the people I live with and I bought our current house, I had an Heating & A/C corporation come out first thing to take a look at our a/c unit. The air conditioning device looked honestly outdated & sketchy to me & so I was sad that when the summer time hit, the air conditioning wouldn’t work properly. And I can’t live without a/c! Granted, our current house isn’t in the south since the people I live with and I moved to the midwest for my fiance’s current task. He isn’t used to super high temperatures in the summertime because he didn’t grow up where I did. He doesn’t honestly seem to understand why a great central a/c device is so important to me & I just can’t explain it to him. I just told him that if our air conditioning stops working in the summer, then he will have to come looking for me because I will either be spending the hot summertime days in an air conditioned theater or an ice cream parlor. If I can’t turn the control device down at home & get some cool air blowing through the air vents right onto my head, I am out of there!

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