I am paying for nutritional counseling and personal training to get healthy again

Ever since I was a young child, I have had issues with weight.

Some of the worst ridicule endured in school was because of my weight.

I hated being called “fatty” and the other colorful variations of that insult. In reality, I had a slow metabolism coupled with a lifestyle where I wasn’t active enough each week. I focused more on my school work than playing outside with my friends. And the worst part of all, I wasn’t making the right choices with the food I was eating. I don’t necessarily blame my parents for my weight problems, but they never discouraged me from eating more than a single serving most days. It’s easier than most realize to get trapped in eating more than necessary for most meals because it only requires taking a second portion after finishing the first. If you make a home cooked meal where you’re bound to have leftovers anyway, it’s easy to grab a second portion without giving it a second thought. I finally threw in the towel and decided to contact a nutritional counselor and personal trainer. My goal is to find someone with the right disposition and personality to be a tough but motivating coach, while also possessing the skills to properly educate me regarding my nutritional strategies. It’s not just a matter of being told what foods I should eat versus which foods I should avoid, I want to understand why something is healthy. I like to cook my own food, so understanding how I can apply that knowledge to the kitchen is important to me. Hopefully I can find a fantastic personal trainer who is also a knowledgeable nutritional counselor.

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