I am quite concerned

I am so over residing in this large apartment. It’s such a pain to wipe down. Most locales where people reside you can tell when it’s starting to get gross. You can see all of the mess building up as well as then you get out some time to clean up as well as then you’re all done. Not with this locale though. Most of the time, the rooms are all so pushed apart that you don’t notice the mess getting made in all the spaces. Then a single afternoon ago, it hits you all at once. There is also so much used up energy. I spend so much cash on our energy bills just to keep all of the rooms cool, when most of the day I am never even at the house! I have no lover or pets back at home that need it on, so it is really just being not sued. Even the rooms that I do need to be cooled down are hard to maintain. My heating as well as cooling system is very far away from where our main room in. My main room is on the second floor, however the cooling system unit is all the way on the 1st. More often than not, our room will still be real warm as well as uncomfortable when I am going to bed simply because our heating as well as cooling system is not strong enough to get up there! I realize this is not something to whine about, however to me it is a larger concern.

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