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My mom is so completely devoted to her pets it’s all a bit much occasionally.  However, I’m grateful she takes such very good care of them and attends to their each and every need. Although, I worry she gets a bit out of hand.  She has 3 pets right now, 1 is 12, the middle pet is about 8, and the youngest is just 2 and a half. The eldest has so many different pet beds and special toys as she’s getting so old. The middle pet has a stuffed chair that’s become his, and then the youngest has so many varied toys it’s as though she unquestionably is a child occasionally. Mom even provides the youngest a baby pool to swim in Because her latest problem has been the awful heatwaves in her town. They’re getting ever worse and worse all the time.  She’s worried that the 1 setting on the Heating and Air Conditioning plan isn’t enough. What if one of the rooms of the home gets too hot? What if the pets are not comfortable or the thermostat is so completely off that they get heat sick? Her eldest pet won’t tolerate the heat much anymore. Mom lives in the south where it can be incredibly hot. Finally, she decided to deliver herself some peace of mind with a smart thermostat. The smart thermostat allows her to monitor and maintain the temp conditions the whole time she’s at her job. The app on her smartphone pings when there is any sort of complications with the system, from increasing the filter air flow to complications keeping the home cool. She can even control her humidistat to ensure the home is at the right level of saturation.  At least this update to her Heating and Air Conditioning plan will help the value of her home!

A/C unit