I am searching for the newest heating system

A few months ago, our grown child bought his first house. We were so proud of him for all he’s done. He saved all through university, and managed to amass enough extra money for a small starter house. His Dad and I are feeling undoubtedly ecstatic, because the up-to-date locale is only three blocks from our house. It’s been fantastic having our little guy so close to cabin again. Our baby bought an older brick home. It’s about 1100 square feet, maybe, with several rooms and a single washroom. The garage had been converted into an office space, and he was prepared to work from home each day. After moving into the house, my baby and his Dad fixed up the flooring, painted the walls, and repaired some roof destruction. A few days ago, though, my little guy called our hubby to ask for help in a panic. He said the Heating and A/C component wasn’t working right and he was burning up. My hubby went over to the house and quickly recognized the problem as soon as he removed the access panel from the Heating and A/C unit. Our child had been diligently changing his air filter… unfortunately he was cleaning and reusing his AC air filter. The air filter was not made to be recovered and reused. The air filter was a disposable air filter, and in awful shape after so much handling. It was poorly constructed and filled with thousands of holes, dirt, and a thick, sticky substance. My hubby took our baby to the hardware store, and helped him select up-to-date air filters for the system.