I am selling my home

I was finally able to land myself a long awaited for promotion at work and now everything is starting to change. I have plenty of cash pouring in, I get more respect at work, and I’ve even observed some women smiling at me from across the bar I frequent too often. In fact, things are getting so fantastic that I’m pursuing a property of my own, instead of renting. I’m ready to take it easy and plant some roots in this community and the best place to start (besides the job position) is to buy a property. It has been a challenging process, however, even though I remain optimistic that I will get what I am looking for in the end. I think the biggest problem I keep running into is that all the properties in this section of the country seem to have radon gas leaks in them. To be perfectly fair, almost every property in this section of the country was built before 1900 so cracks in the foundation are to be expected for the most part. The problem comes in trying to figure out the best resolution… Sealing up the cracks sounds alright in theory, however these outdated properties seem to prefer shifting around and that means new cracks can form pretty much at any time. I can always get a radon gas detector or several for the basement, even though I also want to have something more in terms of protection. There are sub-slab ventilation systems that are designed to pull the radon gas out from the sub-foundation and blast it harmlessly into the atmosphere, however my only problem is that cutting into the floor might actually cause further complications in the future.

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