I am so ecstatic that I picked up this portable A/C years ago

People regularly make fun of myself and others for being very emotional… To be fair, I understand what they’re saying and I get that I have a problem, and for as far back as I can recall, I have been harshly emotional and romantic.

I can get connected to just about anything, whether it be a pet, a human, or a small trinket.

I just have a predisposition for empathy and love, and it can be totally emotionally exhausting. This emotionality would be okay, but it also contributes to our major concern with keeping too multiple random items. I cannot ever throw anything out, because I always have multiple memories and emotions connected to our belongings, and even something like our Heating & A/C equipment, then about multipleyears ago, I was living in a terrific town, but a horrifically hot apartment, both of us had a four-living room place with one single window air conditioner. All the windows in the loft were styled so that you could not install a window unit. So every one of us were doomed to sweat through every miserable and swelteringly humid warm season. Then, one afternoon I had enough. I gathered all of our measly savings and went to visit a hardware store. Thank God, in the clearance area and I found a portable A/C unit. I purchased it instantly and hooked up the alternative cooling system in the middle of the apartment. At last, every one of us all had the sweet relief of A/C on a 95 degree afternoon. Ever since then, I live in homes with amazing central a/c, however, I have never been able to get rid of our small portable a/c unit after it saved our butt all those years ago. This afternoon when I woke up to find the central A/C system wasn’t entirely working, I was actually overjoyed to lug our portable A/C into the home. It gave myself and others a opportunity to rub our memory hoarding in our haters’ stupid faces.