I am so going to do a container restaurant

For years I have hoped to open up my own restaurant.

The problem is that I could not afford a building in the expensive business district.

Rather, I lucked out plus got a nice plot of land right in the main city. The issue is that I could not afford to have a building crew come out plus construct my restaurant. They were too pricey plus the timing on the building project was insane. I started looking into already created buildings that could be moved onto my plot of land. This is how I located a commercial modular building. There is a business that utilizes shipping containers for each thing. The container can be just a container family room, toilet, or a whole working restaurant. I started researching on the web about container restaurants. The shipping container restaurants were so cool. From the outside looking in, it did not look very fancy, just like a large grey box. Inside the container restaurants were so cool though. The shipping container can be made to have a working kitchen facility with grills, fryers plus refrigeration units. There also can be indoor plumbing for a toilet and a hand sink to be put in. I designed my whole restaurant on the computer. I set up a working kitchen area plus bathroom area. I put the dining spot right when you walk in the front door. I have full power, security, fire safety plus ordering kiosks as well! The business makes it piece by piece at their location too.

Modular System